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At Marshall EMS Billing, we are experts in efficient and accurate EMS billing. With our commitment to leadership, communication, compliance, and results, our full outsorce EMS billing service consistently drives industry-leading results to our clients.

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Leadership and Partnership

Ethical behavior, leadership, excellence, and living up to our word are at the core of everything we do, and we are looking to partner with clients who share our commitments in these key areas. When you choose Marshall EMS Billing, you gain more than just a billing service. We assign a dedicated leader from our organization as your business partner, process owner, results generator, accountable entity, and proactive communicator.

We believe in working collaboratively with our clients to maintain consistently excellent processes and results in EMS billing and AR management. We have expertise in the following areas of the billing process.

  • Insurance Verification
  • Billing
  • Posting
  • AR Management
  • Denials and Appeals
  • Secondary and Patient Billing
  • Leadership
  • Credentialing and Enrollment

Marshall EMS Billing Process

Our process is designed to ensure that our clients receive appropriate and timely payments for every patient encounter.

Timely and Ethical Coding and Billing

We code and bill each trip promptly and in compliance with regulations and industry standards. Almost all trips are billed within 48 hours of assignment, and if any trips cannot be billed, we provide specific feedback to the client for process improvement.


Our expert team ensures accurate and timely posting of payments and EOBs, providing you with an up-to-date view of your accounts receivable.

AR Management

We proactively manage your accounts receivable, minimizing old accounts and maximizing your revenue through diligent follow-up and resolution.


Experience true partnership with our dedicated leaders who optimize processes, results, and communication, ensuring your EMS billing needs are met with excellence.

Credentialing & Enrollment

Trust our team to handle all aspects of credentialing and enrollment, ensuring your organization meets the requirements to bill for EMS services effectively.

The Marshall Billing Process

Our daily goal is to deliver a billing experience that is both seamless and efficient for our valued clients. We strive to streamline processes and optimize workflows without cutting corners or skipping details. We leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure a hassle-free experience. Our top priorities are teamwork and our clients’ results.

Proactive Communication

We prioritize transparent communication with our clients.

It’s your business, and we are here to help you optimize it, starting with transparency and communication.

Dedicated Team Members

With the Marshall EMS Billing Process, you can rely on our dedicated team of 100% onshore Certified Ambulance Coders to expertly handle every aspect of the billing process.

Your billing team stays dedicated to you, as we don’t move team members around to different clients.

Continuous Improvement

Our team is dedicated to thoroughly analyzing processes and results in order to identify priorities, enhance communication and teamwork, and implement changes that drive greater efficiency and effectiveness for our clients.

This process never stops, and our commitment to it never falters. We strive for your success.

Why Us

We are dedicated to providing nothing short of exceptional EMS billing services at Marshall EMS Billing. Our passion for excellence drives us to adopt a leadership and partnership approach, ensuring we meet and exceed your billing expectations.

With our team’s proven record of industry-leading results, you can trust us to be your reliable billing partner. Contact us today, and let’s start a conversation about how we can optimize your billing processes, enhance efficiency, and appropriately and constantly maximize your revenue. Together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes for your EMS organization.